Queens Of Drama – “What Donna Wants!” (Reaction and Recap)



On tonight’s new episode of PopTV’s “Queens Of Drama” a lot happened in the short 30 minute episode; things got quite dramatic.  Here are a few of the things I wanted to discuss from tonight’s episode:

1. #FilthyGoldenGirls:

We start out at a pitch meeting with the new showrunner for the show the ladies are creating.  Each of the ladies pitch their shows to Donna and the showrunner, but Crystal’s idea really stands out to me.  She first talks about her love for the show, “The Golden Girls,” and I can’t agree with her more there!  It is by far my favorite show of all time.  Crystal’s idea for the show is to be a cross between “Sex & The City” and “The Golden Girls.”  The show runner has the best line of the series so far with, “So you want to make a Filthy Golden Girls?”  So funny, and I would love to see it to be honest.

2. Hunter’s Family Issues:

Last week we saw Hunter’s family situation implode when she didn’t change her name for the upcoming show.  Her husband was very upset and ended up saying some pretty terrible things to her.  In tonight’s episode Hunter wants to prove to her husband how much she loves him by fixing food, spreading flower pedals all over their bedroom, and dressing up in sexy lingerie.  He is very pleasantly surprised by all this, but he is over-the-moon when she shows him that she legally had her name changed to his.  So glad to see they are getting along better, but I do hope he apologized for the things he said to her in last week’s episode.  By the way, Hunter is 52 years old and looked darn good in that lingerie!  Rock it girl!

3. Wine Anyone?

The ladies go on a retreat to finish gathering ideas for the show and bond together as a group, but as you can imagine this didn’t go as planned.  Vanessa pretty much acted crazy the entire time on the trip, and she had issues with anything anyone did or said.  First, she exploded because Donna couldn’t make it on the retreat.  Then, she made jabs at Crystal because she visited with a friend in Palm Spring.  Finally, the ladies all sat down to discuss the roles for the show, and Hunter decided to try to convince Vanessa to act in the show instead of just producing.  Donna had told Hunter they needed Vanessa to act or the network may not be as interested in the show.  This led to a pretty heated argument between Vanessa and Hunter which ended with Vanessa smashing her wine glass on the table and walking out.  Talk about craziness!  Vanessa doesn’t seem like she wants to be there so why is she trying to make a show with these ladies she can’t get along with?  I also don’t understand why everyone has to resort to violent behavior when having a heated discussion.  Can we not just discuss our issues?

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Leave us a comment and let us know!

“Queens Of Drama” airs Wednesdays at 8PM on PopTV!


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