Real Housewives Of New York – “Double Down On Delusion” (Reaction and Recap)



On tonight’s new episode of Bravo’s, “Real Housewives Of New York,” the ladies travel to Atlantic City to celebrate Ramona’s birthday.  As you can expect, there was a huge amount of drama, but I never expected it to start so soon!  There are a few things about the episode that I want to discuss:

1. Let My People In!”

Some of the ladies arrived to Sonja’s house on time, but I guess the limo was late as well as Sonja.  The ladies try to go in Sonja’s house because it’s pouring rain outside.  Sonja’s interns answer the door and won’t let them in because Sonja doesn’t want anyone in the house.  Forcing your friends back out into the rain?  Really Sonja?  I completely understand not wanting people in my house, but under some circumstances at least let them sit down in the living room.  The only thought I have is that Sonja did not want the cameras filming inside her house; maybe because it didn’t look as perfect as normal?  I’m really not sure.

2. Sonja, Sonja, Sonja:

We have all heard Sonja brag and namedrop for years now on the show, and this season has been no different.  What is different about Sonja this season is she always inserts herself into someone else’s pity party.  Ramona has been going through a terrible public divorce, but Sonja could only talk about herself when they discussed it.  Poor Ramona was looking for support, but all Sonja wanted to talk about was her divorce and issues from years ago.  I do truly feel sorry for Sonja because I believe she is misunderstood in many ways.  Sonja, please remember you have a wonderful life right, and you are beautiful right now.  I don’t want her to live in the past because she has so much to still be happy about.

3. Dorinda’s Best Line:

New housewife Dorinda had the best line of the season so far talking to a very drunk Sonja.  Poor Sonja had no idea what was happening as she kept telling Dorinda how she always partied with John John Kennedy and Madonna.  After hearing her say it 3 times, Dorinda responded with, “John John’s dead so that’s difficult.”  So hilarious, and I’m loving Dorinda more and more each episode.

4. Ramona and Sonja On The Loose:

It was really great to see Ramona let loose in Atlantic City, especially when she and Sonja were alone.  As Ramona said in her interview, “It felt like old times with Sonja.”  This gave me flashbacks to all the amazing “Ramonja” moments we’ve had in the past.  Also, the gambling scenes were hilarious.  On one side of the casino you have Ramona and Sonja winning and winning and screaming and winning and drinking and winning and screaming.  Then, on the other side of the casino, we have all the other ladies losing.  So funny!  Long live “Ramonja!”

This week’s episode was a great one!  What did you think of the episode?  Leave us a comment and let us know!


2 thoughts on “Real Housewives Of New York – “Double Down On Delusion” (Reaction and Recap)

  1. It was a GREAT episode…. Sonja has issues but unlike Kim Richards she is entertaining. Dorinda add balance and Bethany who is salty is still funny. Long live the Countess.

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