Exclusive Interview With “Big Rich Texas” Star Whitney Whatley

"Big Rich Texas" Star Whitney Whatley.

CreateChaos: “Now that your show, “Big Rich Texas,” is airing on a major network, how does it feel to be a reality television star?”

Whitney Whatley: “I don’t feel any different, i still see and think of myself as the same before the show. It is a little weird seeing myself on T.V. though!”

CreateChaos: “Which of your co-stars, excluding your mother, are you the closest to?”

Whitney Whatley: “I would have to say Hannah, we always have fun when we hang out together.”

CreateChaos: “Are there any co-stars you do not get along with?”

Whitney Whatley: “I try to get along with everyone but i do get into some tiff’s with one of my co-stars.  You can blame her for that.”

CreateChaos: “Your tattoos have caused a lot of controversy on the show, are there any you regret getting?”

Whitney Whatley: “No!!  Not at all, i live with no regret!  I mean the one tattoo on my foot isn’t my favorite but i gotta live with the choices I have made.”

CreateChaos: “Your mom seems so cool and hip on the show.  Is there anything she does that embarrasses you?”

Whitney Whatley: “Not so much anymore,  I’m pretty use to it!”

CreateChaos: “If “Big Rich Texas” is renewed for a second season, would you want or consider filming another season?”

Whitney Whatley: “Absolutely, I would love to do another season.  You live once…SO live it to the fullest!”

CreateChaos: “Did you enjoy filming the first season?”

Whitney Whatley: “At first, it was a little weird with the camera’s around but you get use to it.  I feel weird now when they aren’t around!  I loved everyone on the production team!”

CreateChaos: “What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?  Who are some of your favorite artists/bands?”

Whitney Whatley: “I like all types of music except country!  Mmm…My favorite bands are: Emery, Avenged Sevenfold, Brand New, Underoath, Chris Brown, Frank Ocean, Christina Perri, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber…hahaha too many to name!”

CreateChaos: “If you could be friends with any celebrity, who would it be?”

Whitney Whatley: “That’s a hard one because I don’t know any of them personally.”

CreateChaos: “If you didn’t live in Texas, where would you want to live?”

Whitney Whatley: “Florida, I love the weather there!”

CreateChaos: “What are your plans for the future?”

Whitney Whatley: “Finish up my school (i gotta make A’s for my ‘porn star’ boobies) and go into MED-SCHOOL!  WOOT WOOT”

CreateChaos: “Many reality television stars these days become singers, models, and actors among others after they star in a successful television show.  Are you interested in pursuing any of these fields?”

Whitney Whatley: “Well i would love to sing, BUT i’m horrible singer!  I think I’m way to short to model.  I might like to be in movies.”

CreateChaos: “You have a very unique style when it comes to clothing, would you ever consider creating a clothing line?”

Whitney Whatley: “I have one in the making! 🙂  Right now, I have only t-shirts for sale.  I am working on other clothing and accessories currently.”

CreateChaos: “You seem very flirty on the show, are you currently seeing anyone?”

Whitney Whatley: “I might be! You will have to watch and see!  haha”

CreateChaos: “If you could date a celebrity, who would you date?”

Whitney Whatley: “Brandon Boyd is very HOT! So is M Shadows but married unfortunately!!!”

Thank you so much for doing this interview!


8 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview With “Big Rich Texas” Star Whitney Whatley

  1. I love this show and my favorite is Whitney And Bonnie(: Whitney is the best 23 and says what she feels!!! I do that too its great!!! Whitney it would be great if you could e-mail me at Jasmineawilliams@yahoo.com…. I would love to be someone to talk to you!!! I’m like you’r bigest fan!!

      • One of her songs was the first dance at my wedding.They all seem to die right after clmnoetipg a project and/or embarking on a new one – Jackson, Winehouse, Ledger, Murphy, and Smith come to mind.

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  3. Gotta say Zacky vengeance is the cutest but that’s just my prefrence and I saw them live twice and m shadows manner is so great and Whitney and I have a lot in common and I do not think her tattooes should’ve caused any problems if u don’t like it oh well that’s you

  4. i love this show soooo much! I got my whole family addicted!!!!!! you keep it real and that is the right attitude! you only live once so party it up and have NO regrets!!


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