Levi Johnston’s Sister Drops Palin Family Bombshells In New Interview!

Mercede Johnson on CNN.

Mercede Johnston, the younger sister of Levi Johnston, unloaded on the Palin family — saying Sarah Palin would have a “mental breakdown” if she were elected president … and that Bristol Palin “prayed to God” Levi was not her baby daddy.

Mercede posed for the September issue of Playboy — and according to the NY Post, she told the mag 70% of Wasilla, Alaska residents “can’t stand Palin” — and Johnston even thinks her connection to the family prevents her from getting jobs.

She explained, “People say, ‘Oh, Mercede Johnston, I don’t know if people are going to come in if she works here.'”

Mercede also reveals Bristol sent Levi a text message when she found out she was preggers that read, “Ever since the moment I found out I was pregnant, I prayed to God you weren’t the father.”

These claims are very damaging to the image the Palin family is trying to portray to the public.  As much as I don’t want to believe what Mercedes is saying, the Palin clan seems pretty shady to me.  I guess we will just waiting and see what Silly Sarah has to say about all of this.


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